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Meet your accounting hero 

Now: eKoncept is a well known financial and accounting services company.

Back then: young dreamers who wanted to find the right way to pay their taxes on time

We began in 2008, in a small office and with a great desire to help others who clashed with the same problem.

We only knew 3 things:

  1. accounting best practices

  2. how to communicate in English, Romanian and Russian

  3. it has to be an online tool and service. No boundaries!

What has happened since then? We got our first clients. We have diversified and expanded our service portfolio and team. And of course, we've got a huge amount of experience and expertise. Now we are the best partner "in crimes" for our clients. 

So, enough talk! It is time to prove it to you.


Why is choosing us the best decision?

We're not nice to have. We're a must have.

Our Mission

To offer our customers the highest quality financial and accounting services, the best price, and the highest degree of satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

1. Online customized solutions in ENG/RO/RU 
2. Affordable, fast and high-quality services
3. Focus on your needs six days a week

What We Do

Whether it is handling tax returns or dealing with tax complications, we have all the tools and resources to solve your problems.

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Our services

We know what are your truly desires

Income TAX

INCOME TAX  - an income tax for Self-Employed persons.

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Social Welfare

We inform and help clients with social applications.

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Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

PAYE - is an income tax which is deducted from the employee’s salary before receiving it.

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Corporation Tax

 CORPORATION TAX - income tax for Limited companies (LTD), and everything connected with them.

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Documents up to work

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Financial services security

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Don't take our word for it. See what our customers say.

The best accountants in Dublin. Staff very friendly and helpfull.

Pavelink Dublin

A professional team and the accountants are very well prepared.


I like this place because it's 2-3,4 people who can help you..

Ovidiu Tulea

The Best Team!

Geanina Nastase

Professionalism and guaranteed support !! I recommend 100%

Laura Ghergut

Because they're serious and they're doing their job.

Ioan Irina Mihnea
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